Matching LOD colors?

So, I have finally managed to produce a good looking yet performant grass mesh.
I think I have really nailed it for the most part, and it works well enough at 400 instance density even without LODs. However I went and reduced tris count of the same mesh for the second LOD (down to 90 tris, and you can barely even tell).

I’m noticing however that the angle change of the lower tris LOD is causing a change in diffuse color rendering that basically draws a barely perceptible line when in very peculiar lighting conditions (mid day of an equinox sort of thing).

I’m wondering if there is any built in way to match the colors or a parameter for grass instances I’m overlooking - something similar to the PerInstanceFadeAmount node maybe?

[USER=“3140864”]MostHost LA[/USER] I had this exact problem, you can get around it by changing the albedo brightness in the material depending on camera distance. I basically used this tuut:

( The part on Distance Based Detail Texturing )

Makes sense, the master class on materials in the epic academy has a better explanation though.

I have to try out their suggested setups.

Unrelated, but the blatant one I hadn’t even considered was to use vertex paint to prevent foliage/leaves from moving at their base…