Match-3 Framework

Here is another feature example. I’ve been working on a Match-3 Project using my Match3FrameWork tool. But I added a simple feature that iterates between 2 different game grid tile for a checker-like pattern.
It is very easy to add features like these to this project!

Im buying this as soon as it comes out!!! :slight_smile:

Looks like the project has met the requirements and will proceed. I will update the original post once the project has been moved. Thank you for the support and I look forward to our collaboration.

The Match-3 FrameWork has been moved to the Coming Soon section! During this final phase, I still have time to review the Description and Price Listing of this item.

In light of this, how much do YOU think is a fair price for this Project? You have a chance to have an impact on this decision, don’t miss it! But please bare in mind that I worked on this project full time for a significant amount of time (almost all Winter), but ultimately, you the user, will have the last say!

Ok guys and girls, I’ve been thinking hard about the price, and I still haven’t heard any replies regarding this on this thread. But here are my thoughts, hopefully I will get some feedback for this.

I spent a huge chunk of time creating this project, the goal was to allow users to create match-3 games on par with Candy Crush Saga. From what I have seen of other similar projects on other asset stores like Unity3D, my Project is much more refined and does in fact offer algorithms on par with the Candy Crush Logic. In light of this, and with the notion that users would create marketable products with this project, I had intended to have a pretty steep price.

I won’t lie, when I submitted this project, the price was listed at 99,99$. And I still believe that it is worth every penny of that. But here is my dilemma; I want everyone to have the possibility to enjoy this product, casual as well as professional users. And because of this, I’ve decided to set the initial price at 34,99$. I think that this is a price that is reasonable for most UE4 users. To try and compensate for my efforts, I will set up a donation page for those that wish to support me so that I may continue to create awesome content. Hopefully this will appeal to everyone!

Take care and enjoy!

Wow that is a very reasonably price indeed, thanks @Mortusnyte, I agree from what you’ve shown it seems like a very capable package. I’ll be there once its up!

Awesome price man will definitely buy as soon as released. I wish you much success, and hopefully it will inspire others to go this route.

Thank you very much for the nice words! It means a lot.

In the meantime, I have to admit that I didn’t expect the wait to be so long form the Coming Soon section, and it still has to go through the Next Release section.

Get hyped, get hyped - but be very very patient :smiley:

Next Release! The wait is almost over!

I’ve started a series of tutorial for the upcoming release of the Match3FrameWork Project. In these tutorials I will create my own game using this tool and show you guys how I implement specific features.
Feel free to requests anything or ask questions :slight_smile:

Match3FrameWork - Tutorial1 - Checker Pattern](

  • Checker Pattern
  • Hide Grid - 6:50

Match3FrameWork - Tutorial2 - GamePieces(Destroyed) Tracking System](

  • Importing Textures for GamePiece Materials
  • GamePiece Tracking System - Begins at 4:20 - Finished Result 17:20

Let me know if certain things happening during the fast-forward moments were unclear.

Match3FrameWork - Tutorial Intro - Enter the Match-3 Blueprint

  • In-Depth look at the Blueprints used in the Match-3 Blueprint.

I’ve added a quick “How to create your project” video to the original post. In this video I quickly cover how to create your project after making your purchase.

I also cover how to manually place specific GamePiece types on your grid which was not shown in the Demonstration video.

Furthermore, I address two issues: The naming convention that needs to be used when creating your project, and the Engine Crash that occurs to certain users while trying to play from Selected Viewport.

Lastly, I am working on creating a website to accommodate the growing information pool on this thread to make it easier to keep track of.


Currently working on a new version to work with 4.8. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Let me know if 4.8 works for you with this project.

**EDIT: I have fixed all issues with 4.8 and will send the files over the weekend. **

There were issues with the ForEachLoop with Break behaving slightly differently in the Move matches section.

Add Unique Array that had Self plugged into it needed to be re-connected for some reason in the Find Match section.

And finally I had to replace the Set Text Render with new nodes as the old nodes were “deprecated”.

I will continue to QA through the weekend to see if I can find more issues. Otherwise I will send the new version this weekend and this project will be 4.8 friendly shortly!
If you find any issues please let me know!

Sorry for any inconveniences!

EDIT2: Filed a bug report
I may hold off on the update until this is fixed.
If anyone needs to push to 4.8 now, message me I’ll make a step by step guide.

I tried out the BP and it is really useable, the only downside I see so far, is, that it not working properly with any kind of Preview resolution in Portrait Mode.

Especially on Smartphones like the iPhone or HTC One M8, you wouldn’t play a Match-3 Game in Landscape Mode. Not enough space to make it large enough.

Is there an “easy” way to properly resize the Match-3 Field to the detected Portrait Resolution?


Please ignore this post.

I checked all supported Resolutions in UE4 and actually, it works, if I restrict the playing field to 7x8. Gives me spare space on higher resolutions like 1080x1920 for the HTC One, which I primarily use for testing, but I am goign to re-position the UMG Widgets on the bottom anyway.


I noticed a black circle at the top after increasing the background size to 48x48. Where is this black circle coming from? - Ah, it is the player start…

Is the current build of 4.8 updated to this version you said had changes?

Sorry for the delay, am currently on summer vacation. No I have not sent the 4.8 version yet because there is a PhysicsSerilizer error upon loading the project and I’m not sure what that means so I am reluctant to send the update though I do not think that it is a very relevant error as the project works fine. I was going a bit by ear with this as not too many people seemed very pressed on the 4.8 release of the project. But I do have a working 4.8 versions for those who really need it now.

@Maxunit, glad you figured out your issues. I talk about how to switch to portrait mode in the introduction video and also that the playerstart should be outside of the playfield because of the black circle thing. But I understand that it’s not very easy to track specific notes from videos.

Happy match making!

Actually, for those who need it now, here is how to upgrade from 4.7 to 4.8. Basically you just have to switch the Set Text nodes because the old ones are deprecated. And have to change the Slot Box Reference also in the Move Matchs Up section (watch video for specific location). Since 4.81 came out, the self references now work accordingly so no worries there. It isn’t a very long process, just type Set Text in the find tool to find all the nodes.
Hopefully I can figure out the Physics Serializer soon and send the update.

Video may still be processing, it will be live shortly :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply.

Yea, I totally missed those infos when I watched the video, don’t ask me how (not really that hard to miss…but yea, never work on something while in a hurry).

I will upgrade my project to 4.8 asap, thank you for posting the instructions :slight_smile:

I need a little bit of help. I finished the 4.8 conversion but now it seems that when pieces are cleared by chain reactions they don’t get replaced and the game simulation stops. Hitting restart in the game still works so, it’s an error in the blueprint involving chain reactions. Any thoughts?