MAT_StereoViewer problem - 360° stereo panorama setup in VR


I just followed the tutorial to set up a stereo material for a 360° panorama in stereo for VR, following this tutorial:

But I´m having problems getting the correct results. Somehow the left and right eye textures overlap only slightly, but
not fully, so only a small part appears in stereo, the rest in mono (no depth). I´ve tried to change settings in the graph
but it did not help, so I´m lost.

I´m using UE 4.20 with a HTC Vive Pro and I can send the files if necessary. Has anyone tried this yet ?

As a side not to Epic: this version of the tutorial does not include the text for the graph (supposed to be copied) as described in
the text in section 3.5 “Now click on the Copy Material Expression Graph option that is below and copy the provided text and paste it into the Material Editor.”.

Any help would be appreciated.


Which version of the tutorial did you follow? The one with the TexCoord and DDX / DDY nodes in the stereo material or the older one linked at the beginning of your message? They are not identical.

Thanks, I followed the new version of the tutorial, but copied the shader text for the graph from the older one (since the new one did not have this option to copy the text) and then added the DDX and DDY expressions like in the screen capture. I´ve tried to remove those, but still get the same result. Only a small portion (app 1-2°) of the panorama can be seen with stereo depth, the rest is flat. Any further idea ?

How did you generate the stereo image you are trying to visualize? Is it the one generated at the beginning of the tutorial with the plugin or a different one?

Hey Martin,

I am so sorry the copy is not working for you. I just checked for my self and verified that it is not working. I have reached out to some people on my team to see why the copy functionality is broken and to try and get it fixed. As for why you are not seeing anything in Stereo, that is hard to say. Can you please post a screenshot of your Material setup or link your entire project for me to have a look at as it is hard to figure out what could be wrong just from your description.


Sam Deiter

It´s a stereo image I found on the web, which I split into two separate images, as shown in the tutorial. When looking at the two images, they look fine for stereo (by switching back and forth).

Hi Sam,
thanks for testing the copy functionality and for helping. Here is a link to the project (zipped): Dropbox - - Simplify your life

I would suggest you to try first with an image generated exactly like described in the tutorial (stereo capture plugin) and then switch yours in. In this way you can understand where the problem is, if it is the code or the image you are trying to display.

HI Marco,
thanks, but I´m sure that the images are correct. I´ve been doing stereoscopic works for some years and be looking at these images, I can see that they are correct. I´m sure this is something in the shader, but I don´t know what it could be.

@Sam: Did you have a chance to look at my provided files ? I´d really like to solve this somehow if possible, but I don´t know how…