MAT_StereoViewer: Having an issue with Stereoscopic Panos Seam UE4 4.20

Hello everyone,

I have been working on implementing stereoscopic panoramics on the Go. Yes I am aware of the live training from Sam Deiter as well as the unreal engine documentation…ure/QuickStart.

I am getting quite a bad seam down the middle, and I can’t see the same effect when he works with panoramics in his tutorial. I have tried my own pano renders, as well as the ones with the plugin, leading me to believe it is in fact something else.

I have all the proper settings on - Full rough, full precision, etc.

I have documented everything happening and all steps I took in the images attached. I would very much appreciate it if somebody could assist, I’d even pay $$ for someones time.

Thanks very much to anyone who reads.

This was how I fixed it. Thanks to this forum post:…al-in-413.html

I’ve posted pictures of how to do it. This works in unreal engine 4.20. Hopefully this post will help someone else, as this wasn’t easy to find a solution for. The StereoIndex is a custom material node that you have to create and enter the code in the picture.