Master Thesis about Material Layering

Hi everyone,

I have decided to share my knowledge about material Layering. I finished my master’s degree of Digital Arts. The topic of my thesis was: “Defining Design Patterns for Pattern
Based Material Layering in Real-Time Engines”. As most of my personal experiences come from the project “Letzte Worte VR”, which was created with UE4, a big part of the thesis is based on tools and approaches from the game engine.
I am neither a Game Developer nor a Computer Graphics Developer, therefore I examine the topic from an artist or technical artist perspective. The goal of this thesis is to collect answers for recurring decisions regarding material layering in real-time applications. This thesis will cover bigger concepts behind common texture layering problems and is not intended as a step-by-step guide in how to implement a certain design or feature.

Github Link: Releases · Weisl/Master-Thesis-Material-Layering · GitHub

I spent a lot of time and energy writing this thesis. I have tried to make it understandable, logical and practical. I have also tried to meet the high scientific standards. Please let me know if certain parts are not clear to you and if you agree or disagree with the suggested patterns. Your feedback is most welcome.