Master Sequence Problem

hello,so i have 3 level sequences i need to combine in master sequence
individually they are captured just find as jpegs or avi,when im trying to capture(render) the master sequence with sound added and while the preview is actually what i captured,the final output just records a blank spot on the level,it doesnt capture from the cinema actor,i cant seem to find whats wrong,any help?thnx

A common problem when the render doesn’t output the camera you’re expecting is that you’re missing a camera cut track. However, if the individual level sequences are rendering correctly, that’s probably not the issue.

There is a bug, which is fixed for the next release, in that bindings between subsequences don’t resolve correctly when adding a subsequence to a master. So, for example, if one of your level sequences has a camera cut track that references a camera in a subsequence of that level sequence, it won’t work when you add it to a master sequence. The way to fix this is to just remake the binding when you add the subsequence to the master. To fix the binding for camera cuts, just right click on that camera section and choose the correct camera.