Master Material / Material Function (small issue)

For some reason (see screenshot) - my attempt to mask using the MatLayerBlend_TINT node is acting up. You can see in the preview window on the master material, the mask tint is working correctly. However, on the instanced version of this master material, it instead tints the entire material, ignoring the mask completely. Confused.

I’m willing to go into more detail but for the sake of the simplest explanation, I kept this short and sweet. I will answer any inqueries from anyone willing to help me troubleshoot this.


What is the mask coming from? Without seeing the rest of the whole graph that determines the mask it will be pretty difficult for people to help you.

Yeah, sorry, let me include another shot showing the graph as a whole. I’m pulling the mask from the alpha channel of my mask composite texture, 32bit TGA, SRGB off.

Below the first shot is a shot of the material function graph I’m using to drive the two slightly off-screen (first image) wood materials (same graphs for both, different texture inputs) and also the grime function as well. Last image is a shot of the mask itself.


I see nothing in that part of the graph that should cause any compiler issues or anything like that. Have you verified that the same exact texture is being used by the instance? Perhaps you have another texture that looks similar but has no alpha?

Occam’s razor… you were right. I had my old composite mask texture in the instance, lols. Thanks Ryan!