master material. instanced material Enable or disable multiple textures???

Hi gang. i’m trying to build a master material and i’m stuck on this issue.

On my master material, i have 4 textures with vert blending on.

when i open up my instance of my master, i see 4 diffuse textures with check mark boxes next to them (all checks are off). I assumed when i turned a check ON it would tell the material (ok, add another texture to the material) what i’m getting though is ALL 4 textures are always on. the checkmark does nothing, its not actually enabling or disabling textures? i’ve been looking at a staticSwitchParamater, played around with that all morning, doesn’t seem to be doing what i want?

what i’d like to have happen on my instance is this.

Diffuse_01 if i turn that check on, i get a diffuse texture. if i turn on diffuse 2 i get a second. right now everything is always on because on my master i already have 4 textures plugged in. i hope someone knows what im trying to do, i want to basically tell my material DONT use something unless its checked, even though right now nothing is checked and its using everything.

new to udk, please forgive my ignorance on this. driving me nuts atm.
really appreciate any help on this.


The checkbox does nothing as in that it either defaults to the textures you loaded in your master (greyed out) or you can load new textures.
To get the behavior you desire, you have to put static bools or switches between each of your lerps but it will force a recompile of your master material each time you toggle one on or off.