Master Material has few unexpected errors

Hey guys, I made this master material for plugging all my textures through a dynamic texturing system, and I have some issues on these errors - it points to most of my texture samples as null (even when I make an instance that references it, it won’t un-error) - and it doesn’t like my blend overlay in colour blending or my normal blend at the very end??? Why?

[SM5] (Node TextureSampleParameter2D) Param2D> Found NULL, requires Texture2D
[SM5] Function MatLayerBlend_BakedNormal_SimpleAdd: (Node MakeMaterialAttributes) Error on property Normal
[SM5] Function Blend_Overlay: (Node If) If input A must be of type float.

You have to specify a default texture for each param!(click on it and select any texture from left panel)


Thank you for the response! I’ve done that now - but I seem to still have two errors - and I believe the source is when my graph moves into my “object space UV function” which leads to my normal detail map’s UVs, and then into a normal blend before the end of the material! here is a look at the UV instructions - a peek at inside the function on the bottom right there, and then the normal blend at the end. The error seems to occur when it enters the first multiply node in the object space function

I managed to fix the issue because there were two texcoord nodes going into my UV tiling object radius function - but I have since corrected that with this graph. I have added several parameter adjustments as well. Does anyone think I should further chunk up the graph into functions? For example there are at least 3 instances of a double lerp to a single lerp. I could just make that a function and save on performance a bit, no?

Here’s the updated blueprint Master_Material_ARMH_V2 posted by photonmammoth | blueprintUE | PasteBin For Unreal Engine 4