Massive Marketplace Cyber Monday Sale Announced

Apoison you should make more sales by putting your survivor game template on sale eventough the multiplayer is not ready.(many people lost the day it was on sale because of family and thanksgiving reunion and so on). Trust me, later on you will see that these sales would have helped you a ton. Do it before you regret it.

The template was on sale for two weeks :stuck_out_tongue: not one day…

The Perfect Tile System will go on sale for 50% off this Cyber Monday! Check it out!

If you have experience in Retail, you will know why I is better to put it now and it will help you make more progress. Trust me the coming months even if the multiplayer is supported, it wont be the same. 1 day you can make the same sales as 3-6 months.So, why not go for it. You have 4 hours to make a difference. I know you are afraid of people saying is not complete because of the multiplayer. However, you have to take the risk and people will understand. Its just one day that can make your package well known and help you grow. Please…

I’m not afraid of that at all. It’s a great product even as is. I am not willing to put it on sale due to the sheer amount of time it is taking to develop at the moment. All of this is beside the point though as the cutoff date for cyber Monday sales was the 16th of November haha. Anyways, we should probably stop derailing the thread =p

The CCG Toolkit will be on sale for 50% off!

My UMG Minimap will be 50% off too :cool:

WoooHooo! Can’t wait for this sale!

One more hour to go?

I really, really hope this sale is executed properly. If the sales are static (as in the sale items dont randomize) then this will just end up with items on the first few pages getting more sales then things in the later pages.

Apologies for the quote, I don’t know how to @ your name with a space. One of my products was supposed to be set on sale, but I can’t find it in the Event Sale category (checked twice) even though it’s listed at a discount price.

All my music 50% off!!!

go and get it! :slight_smile:

… or listen to the demos while browsing other sales:

 [MENTION=49]Adam Davis[/MENTION]

Can confirm that the Sci-Fi props pack doesn’t appear in 30 pages of the Event Sale…

    @SE_JonF: Wrap the forum name in 'Mention' tags after removing the hyphens... 

Wow, so much to buy, content overload discovered…

Side Scroller Shooter Kit is also on Cyber Monday sale! It has 45% discount!


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Hey SE_JonF,

I found the problem and have adjusted the sale to ensure you are now on the Event page. Sorry about the confusion there!


Badlands Music Packs are 50% off.

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Pretty good sale guys! I would like to request that you fix the shopping cart though. I was only able to buy assets one transaction at a time, which was annoying being that I bought like 8 packs. Thanks!

[MENTION=49]Adam Davis[/MENTION]
Both of my products which were supposed to be on the Cyber Monday sale are missing.