Massive Marketplace Cyber Monday Sale Announced



Cyber Monday Sale

[FONT=&amp]Epic Games is excited to announce the most massive sale in Unreal Engine Marketplace history is happening soon as over 500 items will be discounted up to 90% off!
The Cyber Monday Sale is happening this Monday, November 28, from 12:00 AM until 11:59 PM **EST **and it will be THE biggest sale of the year.
Don’t miss this opportunity to save big on Blueprints, Environments, Animations, Sound FX and so much more! The sale only lasts 24 hours, so be sure to follow Unreal Engine on Twitter to stay up to date and mark your calendars now for the biggest Marketplace sale of the year!

All of these assets will be 50%

Both Quest Map and Navigation System and Survivor Vision will be 60% off during the Cyber Monday Sale :wink: Currently, both are 25% off until that sale, in case you can’t wait :slight_smile:

Yeah! Cyber Monday Sale!

My Multiplayer Lobby System will be 50% off, too!

My low poly assets will be -50% off, that’s right.

I imagine a lot of people have been waiting for this myself included. But…

Its a pity some popular marketplace sellers have left due to frustration etc :frowning:
Was there a way that could have been avoided Epic… [MENTION=49]Adam Davis[/MENTION]…???

Hi franktech,

We are working towards improving the marketplace while moving forward and working to build the marketplace up as we press into the future. If you have specific feedback on how the marketplace could be improved, I invite you to post them on the feedback or content creator feedback threads, both of which are stickied to the marketplace and content creator subforums. I will be going over them in the near future and, while we cannot guarantee every suggestion or feature will be implemented, we will look through them in depth to ensure the marketplace continues to grow in a positive direction.

My body is ready.

Can’t wait! <3

Where is the new content for today 11-23-2016 , is it just taking awhile or is epic having technical issues?


Hope we get something from PurePolygons :smiley:

An epic staff member stated in the Discord that there would be no new content this week. Not sure why - assuming it’s due to the sale or something shrugs

sharpens credit card

I am ready.

We have 20 packages going on sale for Nov 28th. 25% OFF, 50% OFF and 100% OFF (Free).

Hello folks!

My -SciFi Props Pack-(250 assets) will be more than 45% OFF at only 29.99$ :


Can some one tell what time it will be avaible in UK?i think it start 5pm-5am. Just asking to be sure I won’t miss it!

All my assets will be with 50% discount.

All of my assets will be discounted by 50% OR MORE:

wish I would have known sooner, bought them last week cause they were on sale, for sure could have waited, not going to be using them for awhile

Apologies - Epic hadn’t yet announced the Cybermonday sale so I wasn’t able to let anyone know prior to the post in here I’m afraid.