Massive light sources in 3d space?


I was wondering, is there any possible way to create massive light sources in 3d space? Primarily for suns to light up their surrounding planets, so that the sun is not on the skybox but actually a 3d object in the world that lights up everything around it in a certain radius. This would open up the possibility to have several suns in your massive world, each lighting up only their own planets.

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The directional light is already as massive as you need.

If you want to make it look like it’s coming from the sun, just make the sun out of extreemely emissive material and actually put the directional light at the heart of it.

Hmm, excuse me if I am completely wrong, but aren’t the directional light just working in a single line? You specify an angle and that’s where the light comes from, undependent on where you’re positioned in the world. That’s why it’s called a directional light, it only lights in one direction.

Either way, let’s say I have a 3d mesh of my sun in my world. If I put my directional light at the heart of it, can I make it light up in all directions from the center? So that it light’s up two planets, each at the opposite side of the sun?

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I just did this. 3 spheres, the middle one has high emissive, and a directional light at the center. Also put a post process in the scene to increase the bloom. The texures on mars and the earth are just jpgs from google:

Alright, thanks alot! :slight_smile:
I don’t have the opportunity to test this atm, and I never really tried or thought this was possible, which is why I acted a little uncertain. But you proved me wrong!

No worries, tell me how you do. Remember to ‘like’ or ‘quote’ otherwise I don’t know you’ve answered.

Ah, I’m with you now, notice that the sunlight is actually coming from above on those two planets in pic 1.

All you have to do is make the sun ( or the light coming from it ) a point light. Here’s a version with point light, now the light seems to be coming from the globe :slight_smile:

Yeah, but how can I make point lights affect more than 16000 units of space? Whenever I increase it above that, I am not noticing any changes. Also, how many units are there between your sun and planets? Could you make a point light affect several km in radius around it?

You don’t have to make it to scale :slight_smile:

But… this is Earth at 20000 units from the Sun:

Light settings:


Oh okay, thanks! :slight_smile:

I think it’s not really designed for that. You might be better off either doing it on a small scale, or having point lights near the planets to fake it.