Masking Foliage

Evening all. I might be being a bit slow tonight, but I can’t figure out how to mask this grass in my landscape material.
Basically. I want to mask the grass so that different grass appears where there is snow.

I know how to do this for normal painted layers. But for the snow im using a material function that builds up the snow.

I need for where the snow is placed to remove any other grass and use its own grass layer. Would also be nice to be able to merge areas based on what layer was under the snow. So say the snow covered grass, it would use snowygrass. And if it covered stones then you get stones with snow on em. Just as a separate grass layer.

Any ideas how to get this to work?

Thanks all!

Multiply the snow blend map and grass blend map, that should give you a new blend map that isolates the snowy grass. Input that map into the grass node should give you your effect.

Same with stones, multiply the stone blend map with the snow blend map and it should give you a blendmap you can use for snowy stones.