Masked and also Translucent material?

Hi, I need particle emitter which is shooting sprites and AFAIK only material can be assigned to do this. So is there a way to have masked material but also to be translucent what is left?

For example i have a Rain drop sprite, which edges are masked to see only the raindrop and not the background in one material. Opacity in this material is not available because masked blend mode must be selected. is it possible to have another material which can be set to translucent and give translucency only to what is left from the first material? Or how to achieve both masked and transparent material? thanks.

Just set it’s blend mode to translucent then. For alphas: black=masked, white=opaque and anything between=translucent. Keep in mind that it’s the most expensive of the blend modes so use it sparingly :…roperties/1_1/

Wow, YES, you are right. Also my initial problem was that I was importing PNGs and alpha in there was like 1or 0. nothing between. So after importing 32bit targa is it finaly working. Thanks mate. :slight_smile:

No problem, good luck!