Mask By Distance for Post Process Material

I was wondering if there is a way to apply post process material effects only to things a certain distance away. Or would this be done through other methods? For example, anything that is 2000 units away from the camera render black.

I haven’t done much by way of post processing but I think you can just use the spheremask as the alpha to a lerp

I tried the sphere mask a few different ways, but it’s always returning a binary result. If I lerp between the scene color and black, it swaps from the scene color to completely pitch black once the threshold is reached. The effect I’m looking for is for it to start turning black for further away objects. I am hoping to create a post process effect (let’s say applying a noise to the scene) that only affects objects past a certain distance to the camera.

Hmm, something like this?

Thank you! That seems to work perfectly. I appreciate it.