Mars Police

EDIT 24.8.2018

i finally made an event driven mission with a goal and some twists. other missions will be more straight forward but i wanted to see how far i can push the scripts on this one.
the demo also includes a much needed tutorial

here is the old UDK project page

Sugar Rush! I remember this from UDK forums. Can’t wait to see Suspended Cop’s character. :smiley:

Agreed…happy to have you here on UE4!!!

thanks! good to be here :slight_smile:
the characters are in development :slight_smile:

Howdy sittingducky,

Your Sugar Rush project looks awesome so far! I am really excited to see how both Sugar Rush and Suspended Cop look in UE4. Be sure to keep us updated as you progress along in the development of your project! I am very excited to see the outcome.

Have a great day!

love everything about that video :smiley:

thanks guys!
here’s a little preview of how the chopper maay look like once painted…still some modeling left. i’m looking forward to tinkering with physical shaders for this one because of all the reflective levels and paint layers…

Great, this looks like fun :wink:
Keep up your work!

I love this art style. Looks to be a promising game.



This looks too awesome!

Very nice enviroment, the character dont like that ugly face :slight_smile:

thanks guys!
@klon22 haha yeah he’s ugly! : )) but kind.

Hi sittingducky, I admired Sugar Rush in the UDK Forums. What *I assume to be your own *Art & Animation Skills is Top-notch. That exaggerated cartoon-like style is unique and fabulous with life-like material. Do you have a team?

hey man, thank you!
i don’t have a team, i do this mostly to learn UE4 and to relax from the usual work. of course i won’t mind if this thing takes off and better opportunities land some day :slight_smile:

Welcome on the UE4 forums! :smiley:

I like your style :cool:


Insanely fun looking stuff man! I love it!

I love the art style of this game and the animations are fantastic!

Really great work guys.



tnx everyone :slight_smile:

i think the hipoly is done. added the headlights and a belly hatch where the cop will be suspended from…

i love Substance Painter, it’s been a while since i enjoyed 3d so much : )) this color scheme is far from done but it’s fine for now…
apart from the blades i need to make a basic skeleton for the flaps, rudder, gears and the bottom hatch and figure out how to hook up the animations with movements…