Marmoset Esque Model Viewer For UE4?

Hello you lovely people, as the title says most of the story i will keep this short.

I have recently been getting back into my modelling & i want somewhere i can get a good render for portfolio work etc, but i do not fancy paying out for marmoset as i am a student & cant really afford it, im sure some people will sympathise here lol.

So is there any form of model viewer BP or a way i can set one up to be a model viewer, i did some digging and i know that a moderator Osmand made something like this but when i try to use that in 4.19 it just throws up allsorts of errors & it seems to be missing assets.

If anyone can help out or point me in the right direction that would be great!

Included with the starter content when making a new project, there is a Advanced_Lighting map that will give you similar results to Marmoset quickly.

Oh damn i honestly never knew this was a thing, thanks a lot for pointing this out im sure i will be able to get decent results having a look at that.

Can we edit post FX in this ?

Yup, it’s still the full editor. You can follow the standard Unreal Documentation to change post processing settings, swap out the HDR cubemap, add lights, etc.