Any one know if we can upload and distribute content on the marketplace? Is this something available at launch or in the near future? Thanks!

There were plans, to introduce something along line of Unity store. Though, now I can’t say. If you don’t see any upload button, then probably not ;).

Looks like it’s going to have a feature like that, I saw in the docs it had options for purchases so I assume it will work that way.

I saw the same thing, that’s why i asked. I could see something like the Unity store going over every well here.

Yea, I am hoping some people come up with templates for games. I am not very good with programming n.n

Hi There,

No means to upload content yet. :slight_smile:

What kinds of functionality would you like to see in the marketplace? Anything we should pay special attention to?

Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:


From the FAQ:

Will I be able to build, buy and sell assets on the Marketplace?

Yes, we are building out this functionality. Right now everything on Marketplace is free, and we will release more free content soon.

Eventually all developers will be able to share and sell content through Marketplace. You will be able to distribute your own template games, content examples, plug-ins and more. We’re excited about enabling everyone to make money by releasing assets, tools and code for UE4!

A marketplace will be a pretty great feature. Ryan, I haven’t seen it firsthand yet, but perhaps comments/reviews from purchasers for the specific item can help inform potential buyers.

I have some sweet zombie code. I will update it a bit and prepare it to be sold as a complete package.

It will be a great feature. The Unity store works fairly well! The only problem that i see with it is how much **** will be uploaded. The Unity store has many great assets on it. But for every good item there are 50 useless ones in my opinion. Surfing through the **** to get to the good stuff is a hassle sometimes. Hopefully there is some type of rating system as well as a way to categorizes items so you can find what you want easily!

A good rating system for content, and robust searching and sorting tools for finding the best of what’s available in a particular category as quickly and easily as possible. Those are the main things I’d like to see. I also wouldn’t mind a “more like this” option, for getting a quick look at more content in similar categories.

I’m with you on the rating system.

To prevent poor content:

  • Include a robust rating/reviewing system.
  • Review all content before allowing it on the marketplace.
  • Charge a small fee to cover the cost of the review per listing.
    This should prevent people spamming the same content in the hope of suckering people in.
    eg. $0 per - put up 50 pieces of so-so content in the off chance of making $2-5 off 10-15 of them, nothing but profit.
    $2 per - put up 50 pieces of so-so content in the off chance of making $2-5 off 10-15 of them, be out by $80 to $25.
    $2 per - put up 1-2 pieces of decent content, make $10-20 of each, ahead by $16-36.

Free sounds nice until you factor in those who will abuse it and/or simply upload ****.
And no one likes wading through **** :slight_smile:

To help incentify good content, you could always waive the fee for those who produce consitantly good content etc.
Just a thought.

Besides the occasionally buggy upload tool from unity, I would be happy to see something identical to it.

Favourites tag so we can come back to them later.

Top of my wish list pre-made materials. Making them from scratch is rather time consuming when it’s much easier to drag and drop shop for what works.

Next on my list is an advance player model control package. Think Assassin’s creed but with guns.

I’m so glad Unreal is going down this path, it allows the community to help each other out while making a little money. The blueprint market is what I’m excited about, if that becomes a thing.

p.s. please make that a thing

Really hope I get my C++ Hover tank code done before Marketplace goes live :o

Custom licensing, I want to be able to release content under the public domain.

That’s great news. Marketplace packages or items should be shared and or not ridi****usly priced. We are all trying to succeed and learn from each other; EPIC and the team (May GOD Bless them all and their families) already given us the tools practically free, the next step is SHARING!.