Marketplace Updates and UE4jam Kickoff! - Live from Epic HQ - May 12th

Achievement Unlocked Game Developer Program

On this stream, Stephanie Markoff will be joining me to talk about the new C++ Plugins available for purchase on the UE4 Marketplace. With their inclusion, a lot of avenues have been opened for people interested in selling their creations on the Marketplace. Then, at the end of the stream, we’ll announce the May UE4jam theme and kick if off live! Be there!

Thursday, May 12th @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown]



  • Community Manager -
    Stephanie Markoff - Marketplace Support Lead


Really looking forward to hearing from Stephanie, can’t wait!

Will we able to obtain Marketplace version if alreafy owned plugins? (Probably manually contacting author)

As c++ plugins go directly to the engine, there’s apparently no mechanism for plugin providers to provide sample scenes on the same download.

There’s currently an issue with the Logitech Gaming SDK. It doesn’t include any documentation how it’s supposed to be use none whatsoever (even though marketplace page tells there is) and plugin itself seem to be broken (for steering wheels at least). When plug-ins will be more common on marketplace, we really need sample projects/code snippets how to properly integrate them on our own projects or things like I just mentioned will be common. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to make that logitech plugin work without recompiling it myself but there just doesn’t seem to be a way to make it happen. It’s also got source included but it’s missing all required libraries for you to actually be able to compile it (you also need windows platform devkit for DirectInput if you compile it yourself). You can download those libraries separately as they can be found on official logitech SDKs on their own site, but it seems like they actually made the ue4 plug-in in the first place so devs wouldn’t need to worry about things like that…

I’d like to note that all other code plugins seem to have a decent documentation.

So I guess my actual question is: Will the plug-in providers be able to provide separate links to sample projects on marketplace? I’d wish sample projects and/or documentation would be mandatory at least if we get paid plugins on the marketplace in the future.

Edit-> I figured Logitech plugin has public header which I can include to get access to other but steering wheel part of that plugin. There’s also non UE4 SDK docs for Logitech plugins but nothing about the integration itself.

Code plugins finally on UE4 Marketplace! <3 <3 <3 I can’t wait when my plugins will be available on Marketplace! :smiley: Thank you, Epic :slight_smile:

I will be providing a sample project in the description of my marketplace page for my plugin, as suggested by the marketplace team.

Finally a place for the programmers to sell code!

Any updates on:

  1. Sorting by rating/date/popularity
  2. Wishlist
  3. Ability for creator to push updates and change description/images via seller portal


Aye, amen to that!

So you still can’t make plugins with content smootly? For if instance I have a code plugin that has some UMG components as part of the whole package.

Is there a timeline for when we will get full code/content support for marketplace plugins?

That, and also filter abilities for the same (rating equal/above/below, date before/after, price above/below/free). Not sure if that’s within the scope of this Stream tho, since the focus is code plugins.