Marketplace "Technical Details" not very technical or detailed.


There are some assets (Military Weapons to name one) that I would like to purchase, but there’s absolutely no information about it which makes it impossible for me to buy it since I don’t know what I’m buying. It claims to include animations, sound and FX but the pictures can’t show these obviously. What are the polycounts, material complexity, texture sizes, etc etc?

couldn’t agree more, I’m just wanting to use the animations, very little information on these.

I strongly agree with Stefan.

I agree.

Maybe for assets like this it should be mandatory to provide certain information.

E.g. for models the number of polygons, for animation a video, etc.

Yes you’re totally right. Until we have preview functionality we need to provide more data on what you’re purchasing. We’ll figure out a good way to provide this information and update shortly.

Any updates on this? More assets have been added but no details. I want to buy those packs! :slight_smile: