MarketPlace Suggestion

I have a simple suggestion for new assets being put into the marketplace. How about using a root directory of Marketplace? Right now assets are all over the place and sometimes difficult to find.



where Marketplace is a common directory name
StudioName is the name of the person or studio that created the assets (Say JazzJackrabbitStudio)
Projectname is the name of the asset pack purchased (Say AdvancedRabbitEffects)

Just a thought. What do you think?

You should check out this thread, it’s sort of become a gathering spot for marketplace suggestions.

As for your idea, currently we have to submit it like: Game/ContentPackName/Mesh - Textures - etc. While your proposed idea would certainly make everything neat, and allow you to filter by developer it seems it might actually make it more complicated than it would need to be. I don’t really have a strong opinion on either way, ultimately whatever helps the consumer is what I will support. =)