Marketplace submit with experimental features?

Hey guys,

is it allowed to submit content with experimental plugins?
Im asking specifically with 4.18 the Actor Sequence Plugin and Actor Sequence Component

I couldn’t find any answer in the submission guidelines.

Hope some staff member can help on that topic.


Hey Thomas,

At this time we don’t allow Marketplace assets that have a dependency on an unsupported or experimental plugin. If you do decide to build something cool you can always choose to share with the community or promote your work here on our forums. We’re not able to distribute it through the Marketplace until it’s out of experimental status.

Hope this helps.

Marketplace Team

Hey Mr WellActually,

thanks for the heads up. Do you think Actor Sequence Plugin and Actor Sequence Component will be published with 4.19? I know you cant confirm right now but would be great to know for our further development.


There seem to be some marketplace projects that use EQS. Which is an experimental feature, isn’t it?