Marketplace Release Changes *Please Read*

Hi Guys!

I’m here with an announcement regarding asset releases and some new features that are coming to the Marketplace!

Towards the end of the next month we will be implementing some new features to the Marketplace that will allow you to release your content on your own schedule. In short, once review of your content, images, and descriptions, has been completed, we’ll unlock it. Then you’ll be able to publish that content live at a time of your choosing and review your description and images before your release. There will be more details available as we get closer to launching this feature, and after launch we’ll make sure to have a quick tutorial on the changes for those that need it.

Since we are now moving away from scheduling your releases for you, in the interim, we will no longer be limiting releases to a single day of the week . Up until these new features release, if your item passes review you’ll still get the same “You’re Going Live!” e-mail from me for you to review your details and given 3 - 4 days until your content releases. This means content release will not be limited to Wednesday. We’re doing this to expedite the number of assets being released from the queue, reduce your wait times, and get away from the expectation of once a week releases.

If you have any questions, concerns, etc., please feel free to let us know. Amanda and I will have an eye on the thread for any questions that come through.



This is great news!
Everybody will be able to plan their business accordingly, with more control, I suppose.

Will review of products still take 6 or more weeks to complete? Or is it taking that long because of so many assets in the queue, which this is supposed to help with?

Hi Stephanie,

That sounds really good. The once a week release cycles were really making things much longer than expected.
Though we have one issue to deal with.
The falsereview rules and folder hierarchy(where I’ve tagged you), which are preventing us to be happy for the said new feature.


As Ali mentioned here, while this is good news what is being done about the review process? I’ve still yet to hear back on the ice shader that was rejected for false reasons. I also haven’t heard anything on a submission that is essentially a bundle of existing products that were already approved. Choosing our ownrelease dates doesn’t do much if the review process is still plagued with issues.

Excellent news Stephanie! Keep up the great work =)

This is great news :slight_smile:

This is good news but I’m really hoping for changes to the review process. I have 5 products stuck in the review process right now and 3 more that I am holding off on submitting until I get some feedback.

Will we be able to update more quickly as well?

Good news ! However I made a submission (Advanced Race Car Pack ) a week ago and I have not yet received any emails regarding the instructions to come. Please when can I have an answer regarding the submission?

That’s something I’d be really interested in.
Would we be able to update the files for our already released pack or updates still get to go under review again?

I’m going to answer you and Maximum-Dev here so since your comments are related :slight_smile:

So for the review times we are working reduce them, but it’s a process. We are seeing some improvements in getting assets released, but it’s still going to take time to get it to an ideal pace. Right now we’re working towards no more than one week between responses, even if that response is to let you know where you are in the queue, what to expect, or to update you about any delays. This goal we hope to reach by the end of August/beginning of September. Ultimately, we aim to have even shorter response times, but that’s the short term milestone.

In the meantime, the way this change helps you is due to the amount of backend work you don’t need to wait on us for anymore. While we handle the reviews, build up our staff, and make some improvements to our own processes, this will take a good week or two off your overall processing time to get from submission to release. Basically you won’t have to wait extra time after your review, when it’s done, it’s done.

Max-Dev: Thanks for bringing this to my attention - I’m sorry I didn’t see the ping from you! I am going to see if we can get a response to you from Mike since he’s closer to the review process and it might be better to hear that answer from his perspective. The answer should be on those threads you posted though since the discussion seems to be more appropriate there.

Updates should be a lot faster for text and images. We’re still trying to get a good, safe, secure way for content updates to happen. But at very least you won’t need to wait on us for your metadata and images once these changes release.

I found your asset! I went ahead and private messaged you on the status.

So I don’t understand then, am I going to have to wait until the end of August/early September before I hear back on my submissions? One was submitted in the beginning of July, the other about mid way. I haven’t heard anything since the files were requested weeks ago (and in one case almost a month) and it’s frustrating not knowing whether things are good or if I’m going to get a rejection letter after all this time waiting and have to reset the clock again. I’ve got another pack that I’m probably going to be finishing in August which means would have 3 packs sitting in a pile which I’ve never had to deal with before. If I could get some information on what’s going on with these two submissions it’d be greatly appreciated.

Maximum-Dev & SE_JonF do happy dance :stuck_out_tongue:

No! You’re in the queue and in the process you’re not losing a place in line for this, this is all happening independently from anything going on with review and the changes there. Sorry for the confusion there but no these changes should not interrupt your submissions that are either in the process or going to be released.

I’m sorry just to clarify I wasn’t inquiring whether I’d lose my place in the queue, but rather what is going on with my submission? I haven’t heard back on one since the beginning of July when I sent the files in, and another around the middle. If I could get an update on what’s going on with each of them, that’d be appreciated.

So, are you saying in the new process you don’t lose your spot in the queue when the reviewers ask for changes?

@Smarkoff Sorry I did not fully understand the answer to this question: