Marketplace: Now Open for Business!


That’s right! Starting today, you can buy and sell community-created premium content for use in your projects! Open and update your Unreal Engine Launcher, and browse a variety of asset packs including environments, props, characters, sounds, materials, animated meshes, and a number of other asset types. Watch for more items becoming available regularly from the community!


We’ll continue to add our own Epic-created content as well, such as complete projects, showcases, demos and tutorials that you can use for learning and development. In the coming weeks and months you’ll see plenty of updates, new features and new content releases. Stay tuned!

As a reminder, we are always looking for your input and feedback. Make sure to check out the Marketplace Submissions Trello Board to vote on upcoming asset packs, and drop in on the** Marketplace section of the forums** for discussions. Do you have an awesome UE4 content pack that you want to sell? Simply fill out our submission form to get started.

For more information on Marketplace, please visit

[SIZE=2]See the official announcement on the blog, Here. **

Some users may notice that Marketplace content items previously listed in “The Vault” are no longer there. is a side-effect of the migration of user info to the new Marketplace.
FRET NOT! Nothing is gone, you’ll just need to find the item in the new Marketplace, and hit download on the item, and it should be added back to the vault.[/SIZE]

Awesome!! Thanks !

Currently downloading the FREE pack!! I did not think it was going to be free :smiley:
Oooh, and an animation starter pack, nice!

Btw, I like the new layout, looks a lot cleaner! Great job guys!

Fantastic, been looking forward to seeing happen for sometime now. I’m also downloading the GameTextures pack and animation pack. Intrigued to see how things pan out over the coming weeks and months.

Hope Epic keep putting out additional content themselves, though. Still awaiting the Platformer example! :wink:

Edit: Any idea if there’s a plan in place for GameTextures to release their entire library via the marketplace? I know they can be purchased via subscription from there site, but having them all setup in drag-and-drop availability would be outstanding.

We don’t plan on slowing down :slight_smile:

is AWESOME news and to be honest earlier then expected. I’d best get back to developing our product/s for release while the marketplace is still young :wink:

Marketplace looks slick! I sincerely hope you keep up the level quality standard and keep it from flooding. looks like a great start!

A bit of feedback on the launcher: It would be great if it did support the standard windows features like resizing and double-click on the taskbar icon to minimize it like any other Windows 7 window. (also things like Alt+Space+N to minimize don’t work)

For future updates it would be nice to have some kind of URL so you can easily share something you like with other people in a Skype chat for example.

Great feedback, Tom - we are working out some of the intricacies of sharing, etc :slight_smile: Thanks!

Looks good so far. One thing I would like is a consistent and more informative “Technical Details” section. Some assets lists the triangle count, texture size, and variations for everything while others just include a general range. Some just have a list of included assets while others have nothing at all.

It would be nice if were a drop-down list including all the models, textures, and materials in the package along with the triangle count for each LOD, texture size, animation names and frame count, sound effect names and length, etc. Even something that could be automatically generated from a script when the asset is being packaged.

It’s just nice to be able to see the details before buying something. Specifically, I would like to know what the triangle counts and texture sizes are for the “Military Weapons Silver”, but it’s one of the assets that has no information at all.

Thanks for the feedback, CaptainScience - will see what we can do!

It looks really nice and it came earlier than expected :slight_smile:

But I’d like to see some search and filter options when the marketplace grows.

Great start, Epic. I’m looking forward to seeing it grow.

Here’s another vote for . When my laptop is 1080P, 1024x768 fixed just doesn’t work anymore.

Resizing the launcher would be great, it’s tiny on my 2560x1440 monitor. Also, the scroll speed is incredibly slow and seems to ignore Windows settings, in combination with the small window makes navigation cumbersome.

Is it possible to change dollars $ to pounds £ ? or any other currency ?

Glad to see finally launched. Looking forward to seeing what people come up with. =)

Thanks much for awesome “Animation Starter Pack by Epic Games”! :slight_smile:

** pack is wrong in “running animation” (see BlendSpace “R_Jog”) with an angle of -50 and 130 degrees, and correct in BlendSpace “R_Jog” animation-Sample №2: from “Jog_Lt_Rifle” to “Jog_Bwd_Rifle”.**

Epic, please correct . :slight_smile:

i agree!!!

We are currently reviewing , but have no timeframe on it.

Thanks for the feedback.

Very nice to get such a big collection of free animations!

The audio content needs a way to sample their content to the buyers.

Agree. Wouldn’t just buy Audio when there is no way to listen to it prior to see if it actually fits my game or not.