Marketplace Menus Dont Function 4-27

Ive installed the Epic Launcher and Unreal Engine 4.27.2.

When I got to the Marketplace tab nothing works. This includes clicking on item in the Showcase, or clicking the Browes menu in which none of the sub-menu items react to a click. Its like there is zero code linked to any of the items.

Two exceptions, Submit Content and Help, both of which open external webpages. Anything that should open in the Epic Games application doesnt appear to work at all.

I can click a heart to add to a favorite list, but the link to look at the favorite list doesnt work.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Hey ExsiliumGames,

So sorry to hear you’re having an issue with the marketplace. Could you possibly repond with a screenshot of what you’re looking at so we could best assist you?

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Hard to screenshot something not working, but basically nothing is clickable on this screen.

I should add that I did uninstall and re-install from scratch.

In full transparency I haven’t seen a bug where it makes published items unclickable. My best suggestion would be to contact the unreal marketplace support and see if they could help you.

So sorry for the inconvience and I truly hope you get a response asap! :slight_smile:
I’ll leave this thread open in case someone else has an idea that could help.

So I submitted a ticket. Dont expect a lot of help there.

Im wondering if the Marketplace page on the Epic Games/Unreal Engine client is based on Microsoft Edge. For the obvious security problems with Edge ive completely removed it on my computer (that was super complicated to do).

I think this is the case, because when I click on the Marketplace tab, there is a loading bar on the bottom then it pops up, like its loading a web page. However, if it was dependent on Edge, it shouldnt be able to load anything, not just have stuff un-clickable.

I noticed I can click on the ‘add to cart’ button, and actually proceed to the cart and buy stuff. Which is great, I want to buy stuff, lots of stuff. But, while I can add to favorites, I cant view favorites.

So I tried to get stuff from the webpage, Marketplace - UE Marketplace, instead. Got a few items and they are marked Owned. No idea how to get them to the client.

If, in the webpage Marketplace, I click on an item i Own, then click the Open in Launcher, that works, as it should from the client itself.

If I click the add to Project, that also works. The Read More link works.

I’m glad you found this workaround, I was just typing up this same advice!

Hopefully this will help you to continue progress on what you’re working on in the meantime as your ticket is reviewed.

I am still having this problem. The ticket I submitted for this never got a response. There are features in UE5 which integrate with things well in the Marketplace in the APP. Its a pain to have to open a web browser to get to stuff I should be able to from the application.

I have the same problem to. Marketplace tab works, but nothing inside marketplace is clickable.

This did get resolved at some point during an update to the Epic Games launcher/marketplace. I dont know what version specifically.