Marketplace Content - What would you like to see from the community?

Tutorials from community categorized by type and required skill level(Like Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and etc) with option to donate to autor.

I’m offering myself to model all variety of assets, like modular city elements, houses, some rocks and cliffs.
All textured with tillable textures and with a material based on splat map that blends 3 layers which includes diffuse, specular, normal and emission.
In a near future when we will see some improvements for skin shader and hair I’m planning to create some animated civilian characters rigged with all twists (roll bones), and also with a cloth setup.
My rig is very particular and can be used in 3ds max only to get the advantage of those twists. I asked on the other thread if it will be possible to attach source files, but I didn’t get a response yet.
I’m thinking about vegetation, but I didn’t master a proper workflow for it yet… and there is speedtree, so it isn’t on my priority list.
I will give more info and some screenshots after 25th of August, since I’m in vacation holidays now and out of my workstation.
Anyways, sorry for my bad English, and cheers. Dzodzu

Sure. Waiting to hear that good news…:slight_smile:

There’s a lot that I would love to see, like themed, modular level design kits, UI libraries and Blueprint libraries.

On a related note, I would love to sell sound and music packs on the marketplace. Who can I get in touch with to line that up?

I think a proper place for tutorials would be great (inside or outside of Marketplace perhaps) Other things I’d like to see (or produce myself) are material packs, audio files, animations & characters, prototyping tools (ProSeries of Unity is pretty sweet!) and of course plugins like live link to and from Maya / Modo / Max would be awesome. (or live audio authoring tools to whatever programs professional audio designers use)

Normally the place for tutorials is the wiki, but most people dont post them there :wink: + the community tutorial playlist on youtube (you just have to send epic games the links to your video tutorials and then they will add them)

I would also love to see more Engine UI Themes. Like new icon themes, color themes, special themes (like summer theme, christmas theme) etc. :slight_smile:

sooooooooooorry for my english :smiley:
in the all game engine store like unity3d asset store or fps creator store and etc . only have a public store . we can sell our item for all people and we must sell cheap asset (like low quality model ) .
i want to sell asset in marketplace private that mean just for one person ( can you understand my mean ? :stuck_out_tongue: ) for example i want to create a big weapon package or big car package and i want to sell it just for one person and he use with that package just for him big game :slight_smile:
please add private market in ue4 marketplace

Provide a Marketplace Web API for the public and for sellers.

i dont say marketplace become just for private . just when i want to selling asset we can choose sell for public or private and when i choose private after first buy asset become lock for buy (in the other word people can not buy it after one sell ) :stuck_out_tongue:

Off the top of my head, one cool thing would be:

A horse riding system

The “horse” could be any interchangeable creature mesh, but something similar to Shadow of the Colossus where the player has control over the rider to do actions independent of the “driving” while on the horse (stand, shoot, lean sideways, etc.)
I would be big bucks for such system.

2nd: A bow and arrow system :slight_smile:

3rd: A climbing system similar to Shadow of the Colossus.

Many others, those are my first 3 quick ones as I’m browsing. Weather control and particle assets would be fantastic as well.
Ragdoll mixed with baked animations, not sure what to call it. I’ll get into that later.

The Market is gonna be explosive!

What I most want to see is high quality characters - stuff that’s as good as or better than the Mixamo characters that were put on the Marketplace (which btw are awesome, thank you Mixamo and Epic!). Having more characters that are of the same quality bar as those would seriously rule!

I find that environmental art tends to be pretty high quality in terms of what’s on offer as packs, but characters seem to be stuck in a little bit of an older-school quality bar than what is typical in modern games in terms of triangle count, resolution of maps, complexity of rigging etc.

Please add real looking rivers,lakes,oceans tools! :slight_smile: It’s needed BADLY!

That would be AWESOME!! :slight_smile:

I think the most important part will be strict rules and norms for content and code. Market will be effective only if you will be able to separate garbage from useful things. Things need to be clean even if you download and install high amount of content. I would not like to see there amateur models made using tutorials and authors that just want to make some money even without required experience.

I think there can be rule that every models will need to have LOD and good optimalization. I would not like to buy unfinished work :slight_smile:

I agree, when it comes to models there should be no duplicates/similar models and should pass the EPIC standards.

Epic standards YES…I don’t want trash on market like some of the free model web sites… :confused:

Again, this is all great info. We are really wanting Marketplace to be a valuable resource for you all, so this conversation is great. I might also second whoever mentioned oceans/water stuff. Challenging to do if you’re less artsy (me).

Animations! It seems like good animations at a reasonable price is hard to come by.

I also want good models for common stuff (architectural details, furniture and appliances) that can be used in several games without it making them feel unoriginal.

I can also think of some kind of standard for skeletons atleast human ones. I am not sure how it is in UE4 but I think it will make animations reusable for multiple skeletal meshes.