Marketplace Cart Bug Please Help

I’m currently not able to access my cart in the marketplace. I assume there is a bug with it because I have almost 200 items in the cart (since I was using it as a wishlist), yet I just read a forum topic that says it is supposed to be limited to 20 items. When I click the cart icon a blank black box appears and I can’t see which items are in the cart.

When trying to add more items to the cart I now get a message that I have 20 items in my cart,(There is still nearly 200 items in there) however, I still can not see what is in my cart, nor can I remove any items from the cart.

Hey there! You might want to contact to inform them of the issue you’re experiencing. Sounds like because you had an excessive amount of products in your cart when the changes went live it’s bugging your page. They should be able to wipe the cart for you or possibly give you a list of the products if you’re still trying to keep tabs on it. Hope you get it sorted! =)

Thank you I will try that advice. :slight_smile: