Marketplace 4.10 content updates requested

Hi All,

We’re reaching out to you today to let you know that the 4.10 preview has just come out. To make this an easier and faster process for everyone, we wanted to let you guys know to give you ample time to test and prepare your content for updates. For right now what we’d like you to do is go ahead and start testing your products against the 4.10 preview build.

-If they work, great! Hold tight on that until Gold.

-If not, go ahead and start working to make sure you have plenty of time to update.

When Gold hits, we will e-mail you again with a similar e-mail that we sent for 4.9. What we’d like from you then is to:

-Please test your content again against the 4.10 release.

-If it works, great! Please send us an e-mail and let us know that your content is compatible with 4.10. There’s no need to send us your files here.

-If you need to update, please do so and send us your whole project with the update included.

-Please be sure to test against 4.9 and 4.8 to let us know if your project is still compatible with those engine versions so we can update it accordingly.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us here:


The Marketplace Team

Thanks Jon for keeping us informed on whats going on =)

Awesome, I’ll get right on that. =)

Hey Jon,

just to be sure, i already updated my assets for 4.9 some weeks ago and its already live and stuff. Though, i didnt receive the mail you mentioned. Was that intentionally or was i supposed to get it too?


I believe he said in another thread that some people who shouldn’t have received the email still did. If your product is already displaying it is compatible with 4.9, you shouldn’t have to worry. =)

So far so good for 4.9 and the updates; Though i am a bit worried for future updates that are communicated by mail :wink:

Thanks all! And yes, I created a mailing list for all sellers, including those that updated to 4.9, and used it for the first time for this. It was the easiest way to do mass messaging, and I’ll use it very rarely. Next point release will be email + forums.

I’ve never received the email it seems. Luckily I saw this post. I’ve tested and sent an email.

I’ve noticed that the Animation Starter Pack published by Epic still hasn’t been updated to be compatible with 4.9. Is this an oversight, or is the pack being made obsolete?

Also, what recourse do those of us that have already purchased asset packs that then get delisted have? I say this because the one asset pack I bought (SciFi Weapons Dark by Adia) has still not been updated for 4.9 compatibility. As it currently stands, I’m a bit discouraged from purchasing any new packs in case they suddenly vanish.

Hi there!

For packs that are removed from our Marketplace you are able to still download them through your vault if you have purchased them before but may not have them downloaded. If at any point in time you wish to ask for a refund of a submission pulled from the Marketplace please contact us at: and we will do what we can. As for the Animation Starter pack, that has been listed now as compatible with 4.9 and we are working on updating the content from Adia now. I’ll update this thread when those are done. If you have any questions please let us know.



I am working on a ton of stuff for my next update. I’m already in the middle of patch fixes/new features, and I need a major overhaul to the user guide because there are a lot of new features that changed the suggested workflow of the previous version. In the future I’ll make sure to make smaller improvements over time to account for the frequent engine updates, but it would be nice to have more than 10 days to make sure everything works properly and is reflected in the user documentation. Right now, I really need more time to get everything in order.

Hey Beaucephal,

I wouldn’t let this discourage you. The change to the policy has caught a lot of developers off guard, and the email only went out a few days ago. Now that we are aware of our new responsibilities, it shouldn’t be a long wait with future major engine versions. =)

I hope this is not the way it will be for all future versions. Asking every person on the marketplace to update their package every update regardless of asset compatibility is not very economic and leaves a bad taste for the creators.
There has to be a smarter way to do this, I dont think every person updating can work out and probably majority of the updates done by marketplace creators are redundant

If its only for major patches Id understand but if we have to update again regardless for 5.0 and ongoing then I’m frustrated

In Unity, assets are assumed to be working in future versions, and if something does not work the creator will hear it
Maybe if changes are made to blueprints, per example, everyone having a blueprint related asset could get a notice in a mail. (if you cant filter that just send everyone a mail and tell its for blueprint creators per example)
Let creators test if their blueprint asset still works in the new version and give them a timespan to do so. If they see it works, they leave the asset as is and do not reupload it, and give out a confirmation (per mail, optimally over a built in button in the marketplace that automatically flags the asset as still working) - people that see their asset does not work have to reupload within the timespan. - One idea

I don’t see this as being an issue. With how large the marketplace is now, Jon said it would take 6 weeks for the team to update everything manually. That’s time better spent elsewhere, such as adding new features or quality control. The updates are only required for each major release, so the next time we will need to do it is 4.10. It shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes for content creators to individually do this. =)

Also, it was already in the marketplace terms that we are responsible for updating. The team was just kind enough to do it themselves for projects that aren’t likely to need revisions with each major release. Now the quantity has just outgrown their ability to extend that courtesy while keeping up with their duties.

Hi there,

I updated my content (Blueprint Dialogues) and sent an email a little over a week ago but haven’t received a response yet. Should I expect it to take a bit longer, or was my message lost in the traffic?

The Unity market place is full of alot of garbage and half of it you never know if its actually going to work or not until someone purchases it and then makes a post saying it does or not. It is a very very poor way of running a market place.

If as a creator you can not take the little time it takes to update your product then maybe your product shouldn’t be on the store selling then? Cause I maybe wrong but I do believe the marketplace terms state that as a marketplace seller you are responsible for updating your product. So having them delist products that are not being updated is a smart idea to me. Cause if your 30 mins of time can be spent updating your product then your product doesn’t need to be selling on the market place.

I think it will be better for everyone in the long run to do things the way Epic is currently transitioning into. Spending some time after every major release to make sure that your content works isn’t that big of a task if you ask me. And Epic is pretty good when it comes to support from my experience, so if you run into issues with updating your content I think you can talk to Epic about it.

The ‘10 days’ is only going to apply from 4.10 onward, and we regularly release preview builds in the weeks leading up to each major release for testing. You’re not required to keep adding new content, just to make sure it works between versions. If all you want to do is a simple update to the new version’s compatibility within the ten day window, that’s totally fine.


Unfortunately, this is the way it’s going to be for the forseeable future. In most cases, creators updating their content could take as little as five minutes every couple months, which really is a minimal amount of effort. We’re always looking into new ways to simplify and automate these processes, and for right now, this is the best we have and the fastest we can make it happen. And yes, this is only for major point releases like 4.8, 4.9, 4.10, etc. Smaller versions don’t require updates.

We’re working on a Publishing Tool that allows content creators to submit content directly into our catalog and add this compatibility themselves. The Marketplace team will begin testing it internally in the coming weeks, so this entire process will improve a great deal. Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks man! That’s precisely it. We’re trying to make this entire process as painless as possible, and it simply came down to working for 6+ weeks straight on nothing but updates, or asking each seller to spend a minimal amount of time checking it themselves. People generally want more content, faster, and we tried to simplify the process as much as possible with what we have now. This will all improve over time.

Hi Grogger, thanks for your update! It’s in the queue, and we’ll update content in the order that we receive it. As of right now we have over 100 content updates in hand since I sent out the email and more are coming in every hour, and we’re publishing them as fast as we can get them. We’ll notify you in Zendesk as soon as it’s live.

Hi Toom! That is correct. From time to time we do delist content from the Marketplace if it isn’t updated, if the seller isn’t responsive to their customers, or if it’s fallen below the minimum quality bar to be considered for the Marketplace. That will naturally limit the amount of content we’ll ultimately have on the Marketplace, but the goal is to make the overall quality and level of support much higher for everyone using it. We’ll also be announcing our refund policy in the very near future, which will help support the goal of high quality, supported content even further.

Thank you very much! We try our best to make sure the Marketplace has the best quality content possible, and getting feedback from both buyers and sellers is invaluable, and we’re constantly working to improve the quality of our support. We’ve optimized the current update process to take as little time as possible as infrequently as possible, and the goal is to make that smoother and smoother over time.

Hi all, quick announcement – we’re having some minor technical difficulties with publishing content updates, but it’s being worked on and we expect to have most (if not all) updates published by the end of this week. We’re publishing them in the order that they’re received. Thanks again for the rapid response and sending in your updated content! It’s raining updates, and we’ll wrap this up as fast as we can. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update Jon :slight_smile: