March #UE4JAM Submission Thread

Welcome to the March UE4JAM Submission thread!

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Team name : Shrödinger

List of team members:

  • No_7 (ctzn_no7)

Name of your submission : SkyBlox

SkyBlox is an Inverted-Tetris game where you have to pile up blocks to reach the platform in the sky.
due to customer dissatisfaction during playtest, development decided to scale down the term “sky”

All assets used are from Starter Content


Download (win32 73MB)

Team name:

  • Invokers

List of team members:

  • Blastings

Name of your submission:

  • Invokers_SkyIsTheLimit

What is it?
You control the wings of a little bird and you need to spread your wings and fly towards the sky.

Used some assets from the “Landscape Mountains” project on the Learn tab.

Team name: 's Half-Baked Games
List of team members:
Name of your submission: Rocket Jumper

Description: Rocket Jump your way thru the course. Standard WASD. Space for jump, Left Mouse fires, Right mouse returns to start of level.

Notes: Course and awesome 8-bit soundtrack by me. Other stuff: FPS Starter Kit, Prototype Weapons on the Marketplace,

March Game Jam - Sky Fighter

Here is Team Raptors submission…

It’s an old school top down shooter, and our first ever Game Jam entry!

Controls are Arrow Keys or A & D to move, space to shoot, escape to quit. You can also use a game pad… left stick or pad to move and the shoulder buttons or A (bottom face I guess :slight_smile: to shoot.

Thanks to and unlucky studio for the art assets. Sounds are the ones provided with the starter content.



Team: Corvus Game Studio
Members: 1 (Amsanity)

Submission: CorvusGameStudio_SkyIsTheLimit
Shot description: You start on the ground and need to jump your way up, all the way to the top. You cannot stand to long on a stone - they will blow up when becoming red.
WASD to move, Space to jump, Space while jump to double jump!

Download URL: CorvusGameStudio_SkyIsTheLimit.rar - Google Drive

Notes/Credits: This game is build on the Side Scroller Template and contains the Starter Pack (only using the M_Grass material from it). Music credits: Kai Engel - Nothing (Bonus Track) (from FreeMusicArchive having the Attribute License). Full size is 416mb.

Copter and Sky

Team name: Fly Dream Dev (FlyDreamStudio (:-)))
List of team members: Kopnin Pavel (programmist) Kopnina Ksenia (level designer)
Name of your submission: Copter and Sky
Description: Extinguish the fire, save chickens, find food.

Link : Download]( , Download 2
Team name: JanWlosok
List of team members : Jan Wlosok
Name of your submission : JanWlosok_Ascend


  • first jump - LMB
  • movement - Mouse
  • slowmotion - S (after using takes 20s to charge)


Collect points by jumping on platforms. There are several types of platforms. Some of them have positive effect on your score. Watch out for the others…


edit: If (for some reason) you want music from my entry : Ascend OST

Eskylator Download
Team Name: Tinkuit
List of team members:
Name of your submission: Tinkurit_Eskylator

because <insert unavoidable excuses here>, i forgot to change the control settings for the gamepad in the menu:

Hydro-“Jump” : left face button
Reset to last checkpoint : right face button

This is a simple one, but I decided to work with the vehicle stuff since i really haven’t tried it yet. Looking forward to another great jam!

with CHECKPOINTS! … and a win state.

Team Name: (solo entry)
Name of submission: Hearing

Space key:Jump
Mouse left button:marker

Please look for a sound source.
The position of the aim is random.

The possibility of the hearing is infinite.



Team Name: PizzaArugula
Project Name: SkyMasterAndCloudCommander
Team Members:

The icons are from WoW and the music is from Kartrider.

Game Name: Blocks Unlimited
Team Name: JR

Members: Jens Roth

Edit: Added hardcore mode and improved the UI a bit
GameLink: Google Drive: Sign-in

My first solo entry,
stack blocks and score high
this game has an online leaderboard, allow network access to compete

looking forward to seeing my highscore beat :slight_smile:

original submission: Google Drive: Sign-in

Game Name: skystream
Team Name: sassy buns

Members: Owninator /Owl
Game link: skystream.rar - Google Drive
details: I can make 3d games too!

Kite in The Sky

(win64 | 482mb unzipped | 257mb zipped)
Team name: Loured
List of team members: Crintew
Name of submission: Loured_KiteInTheSky

  • Gameplay -
    You are playing as a kite and you need collect other kites(15). Also you can use a boost by collecting.
    After fall you’ll be automaticly reset at playerstart or last collected kite.

  • Controls -
    WASD or Left Thumbstick to control direction.
    To Boost use SpaceBar or gamepad face bottom button
    Esc - go to menu

  • Add. info -
    Used content from Kite Demo, Blueprint and Landscape Mountains projects
    Some was made by me

  • Screenshots -

Magical Heights by Derzo Studios (just me)

Build your way to the sky

So another macbookjam. Bad timing. 2d game!
Figure everything out yourself! :slight_smile:

There are some bugs, because I didn’t have enought time to fix them…

WASD / Arrow keys to move and jump
Hold left mouse button to perform magic and control it

  • Remember that small things won’t stay in place such as football or a rabbit

Music by Touko (My friends friend, doesn’t belong to the team)
All else I created


Game Name: TheManInTheSky
Team Name: Muffin

Members: Diatomic Muffin

GameLink: Muffin_TheManInTheSky.rar - Google Drive

Have you played FTL (Faster Than Light)? If so, good. You understand that point of this game. If not, what’s wrong with you? go play it.
You are a lonely space ship who must destroy the giant mother ship that’s headed towards your home. You start with nothing and must destroy the many floating towers and open “space” chests in order to get units which can be used at the stores to upgrade your ship. The mother ship reaches your home or you lose all your health, you lose.


W: Forward
S: Back
D: Right
A: Left
Space: Up
Ctrl: Down
Shift: Boost
LMB: Fire
Scroll Wheel: Weapon Change
E: Open Shop
F: Cloak
P/Esc/Tab: Pause

Team name: Cookingmamut
List of team members (1): darorck
Name of submission: Cookingmamut_Eggplosion
Description: Help this little chicken to create enough eggs to reach the sky!!
3rd Party:
Some environment assets from EPIC ContentExamples.
Egg pop sound by SunnySideSound (
Egg crack sound by FngerSounds (



Team name: Rainbows
List of team members: ,
Name of your submission: Balloonie

Play as a balloon attempting to escape the planet Earth. Use WASD (or arrow keys) to avoid the hazards, grab air bubbles for points and make it all the way to the top!

Team Name: The Monkey Room
List of team members (3): McDonald, James, Laura Hepburn
Name of submission: TheMonkeyRoom_Motivational

Description: Play as Hunter Chadman, motivational speaker and all-around awesome dude! Travel the world and help the people! (Assuming those people have paid the $100 (plus tax) for a ticket.)

Why not try and beat our scores? and scored a pitiful 20,310 and 18,240 respectively, each only managing to complete 4 of the 5 stages. Laura, however, scored 43,180 and completed all 5 stages. Her score is the one to beat, so get playing!

Team Name: Joke Yeti
Team Members: Foti (Horusalis), Yeager (Hyruth)
Name: Ever Growing Wonder
Description: Use A and/or D keys to make the tree grow within the time limit