March UE4jam Results! - Live from Epic HQ

Achievement Unlocked Game Developer Program

Now that the March UE4jam is wrapped up and we have a ton of entries on the submission thread, it’s time to reveal the winners! Also, we’ll be raffling off 4 Intel SSD’s live on the stream. In addition to and playing through the winners, you can expect a lot of cool news and several community spotlights.

Thursday, March 31st @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown]



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I can’t wait! :smiley:

w00t w00t (need 10 characters)

I can’t wait, either.

ugh i cant have all of this patience

This was a great theme by the way!


Is there plans on doing future tech talks on how to make use of the new advance shaders (hair,sss,eyes,cloth)


Update the content examples?

Lots of cool games!

Maybe this time I’ll win an SSD :smiley: can’t wait

Can’t wait to tune in and see some creativity~!