March #UE4jam, March 10th-13th THEME: THE SKY IS THE LIMIT

Won’t have too much time but I will participate :slight_smile:

Gonna be our first Jam, good luck everyone!

Just to make sure

Can use any version of UE4, or do we need to be using the most current one?

I am still using 4.10; is this ok or do I need to install 4.11?

4.10 is fine @nrm21122.

I sould be able to make something, I’m in.

Ok I am going to give it a go. If you are an artist or anything and you want to give me a hand just PM me :slight_smile:

I’d be willing to join a team. I am an environment artist, you can see some samples of my work here

Not only I’ll be playing everyones games but I’ll be also doing the game jam as well.

Do we need to pre-register or can we register when the theme is announced?

You can register when theme is announced. This is just to give them a warm and fuzzy on how many people would be participating this weekend while they are all getting ready for GDC.

If I have assets that I’ve already made in other projects, can I use them in my gamejam project, or does everything need to be from scratch?

This will hopefully be addressed on the stream tomorrow. But regardless, the rules should stipulate what you can and cannot use.

I sent pms for booth and my team (only me hahaha) its not on list.
Coruja Games (1)

Is there a certain pattern on when these game jams are held? like every second thursday or something like that, or is it more arbitrary ? Would be handy to plan ahead a bit more.

Me too, I guess Alex and Chance are busy with GDC stuff.

The announcing streams are on every second thursday in the month, so you guessed right :smiley:

Previously, I think they were a little more ad hoc on dates, but Alex/Chance have been sticking to the second weekend of every month this year.

I’m looking for a team! to work on VFX/Interface, please private message me


On the game jam how do you link your game download

A New thread will be created for submissions, with instructions

How do you pre-register?