Maps need lighting rebuilt

When ever I try to build, I keep getting this error. I build anything, and it just fails… I build lighting, and this map error pops up, and no matter what I do, it won’t fix! I know its a stupid question, but why would it keep giving me that every single time?

Hey jonsnyder1997,

You might find this link helpful.

Lighting Troubleshooting Guide

Let me know if you are still experiencing issues, or if you have further questions.


He says to go to build tab, rebuild lighting, but I’ve done that and I still get the same error. I’ve gone as far as deleting everything in the world, and it still gives me that notice. Is the folder bad and should I restart the map?

Would you provide me with some screenshots of your light sources and their mobility? i.e. Directional Light Source, Skylight, Point lights etc…

Also, how many objects is it reporting that are unbuilt?

I restarted my PC, and it seems to work now. Is that a thing with the editor stuck ina loop, or was my computer just messing up?

It is hard to say, but if you experience it again let me know what you were doing as soon as possible so we can narrow down some repro steps.