Maps need lighting rebuilt

Hello there!

I feel very silly for asking this, I’m sure the answer is quite simple, but I can’t figure it out. And I’ve seen nothing on the forums or here regarding the issue.

Ever since I updated to 4.7 I’ve been getting the error “Maps need lighting rebuilt” Every time I try to rebuild the scene. I’ve tried building light only and it does nothing. When I select Build Geometry, that’s when the error pops up. I’ve tried different projects, new projects and the same happens.


I use 4.2 for the current project I’m working on and the light building works perfectly, but I just can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong in 4.7.

Any help will be most welcomed.


I installed 4.6 and I’ve got the same problem. I’ve tried it with the binary and the source code installation both, same thing. But yet, somehow still works in 4.2. I’m installing 4.5 now to see if it works.

Please, help!

What happens when you just copy all your stuff into a new level/project? :slight_smile:

You get the exact same issue, no new changes (I migrated my level and related assets into a new project btw). I’m unable to do anything to the lighting because of this swarm failed to kick off issue.