Maps in command line not getting cooked (PS4)


We have a whole bunch of maps, some are specific to a particular platform. There seems to be a bug that hinders our cooking for PS4. Normally we automate our cooking with a command line such as:

AutomationToolLauncher.exe BuildCookRun -project=myProject -noP4 -stage -nocompileeditor -cook -unattended -platform=PS4 -maps=MainMenuMap+Map1+Map2+Map3

And this works fine for PC. However, for PS4 the maps that are not under [AlwaysCookMaps] in the DefaultEditor.ini are ignored. If I add all my maps there, then they are all cooked, but then what is the point of the -maps command line? And how will I be able to have PS4 and PC specific maps if I need to cook them all?