Mapping a real room to add VR elements for multiple users

I’m looking at building a virtual aquarium for a local museum. The idea is to have approx 4 VR headsets tracked via lighthouse. When put on, the room will have been faithfully mapped into VR, but with one wall becoming an aquarium.

How will I ensure each headset knows where it should be? I was thinking of using a tracker to to sort of pin the scene, but I’m afraid it might wobble.

Ideally the headsets will show up to each other and the aquarium content will be synced. It’s not the end of the world if each headset is running the experience locally as the users will never be in a position to walk into each other.

The benefit of using lighthouse is that your room is already mapped and calibrated! If your base stations are securely mounted, your headsets will always be correctly calibrated in the room. You can simply use their room scale position over network to show the other users in VR.