Mapping a phyiscal location 1:1 with a virtual location?

As a room-scale test project, I’m building a virtual space to the exact spec of my physical VR room.

I have room-scale more or less set up, and walls / doors / windows are in the same place, but only if I set the Vive (in real life) in the exact position of the PlayerStart node (in virtual reality).

Is there a way to bypass this step and have UE4 somehow call on Chaperone so it knows the Vive’s physical position and maps that to the virtual position consistently?

If I haven’t explained it too well, I’d like to be able to enter VR at my real computer desk and be at my virtual computer desk, enter VR in the middle of the room and spawn in in the middle of the virtual room etc. And then if I walk over to a wall, I would reach that wall in both VR and real life without having to do any manual steps to calibrate my position. Is there a solution?

How is your player setup? If you have a SceneComponent as the root component and a CameraComponent attached to it, then you can simply set the actor location to (0, 0, 0) or whatever position in the game you’d like and it will set the SteamVR root location there every time.

Brilliant! It works perfectly with the player pawn configured this way, I didn’t expect it to be as simple as that.

Thanks, JPickrell.