Mapping a photography from an object created in Rhinoceros 6

I am a beginner on Unreal Engine. I am just finishing now the video from the Unreal Team “Your First Hour”, and, as i am modelising in Rhino 6, I would like to try to import in Unreal Engine, my 3D model in Rhino, that is mapped from a photograph of me, and a volume. I am using Rhino and VRAY, for my architectural renderings, so, i am not use to mapp photos for faces, nor in Rhino, or Vray. In Vray, i am mainly using the materials of the library of Vray. That’s why, as i wanted to try to import my face from a photo of me i imported in a free software, that, from your photo, and thanks to IA, gives you an obj file, close to your face.
This is the freesoftware:
I downloaded in Unreal the Datasmith plug-in, to import Rhino files, and cad files.
As you can see in the screenshot i put here, there is a difference between the screenshot of my rhino software, and the face that has the good mapping of the photo, and the screenshot of Unreal Engine, that, is showing you, at the first ground, at the right, the face, that seems to have the photo not at the good place of the face.
I don’t know, how to change this, or in rhino, or in Unreal, the only thing i have done in Unreal, was to click and drag the photo, in the face.
Can you please help me? :slight_smile:
I am joining here the jpeg of the two screenshots. If you want, i can give too, the rhino file,or, in another format, but only in private message, because i tried to download, and it says that i can’t download in obj or rhino file here.
Maybe it could works here, i put too a post on the Rhino Forum, i think you don’t have to connect to download the file, that is not at the good scale, because the file would be to big at the good scale, for the download:…n-rhino/116164

Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

This isn’t really about the issue but you should probably think about changing programs–Rhino isn’t the type of program suitable for making video game assets, it’s more for engineering.
Not that it can’t possibly make something for a game but it’s not really designed for that and some features that you need may be limited or missing compared to a more typical program like 3ds Max, Maya, Blender, etc.
btw Blender is free

Hi! Thanks so much! :slight_smile: Yes, i know a little bit Blender, but i am trying to redesign the face in Rhino, as i am using daily Rhino, and, Vray, as i know that using Data Smith Plug in, permits really good to import geometry and textures made in Rhino/VRay! :slight_smile: Now, in order to learn this, i am making the online tutorial “Creating an Architectural Exterior Real-Time Project”, the only thing is that at a moment, they talk about Unreal Engine Studio, that i read that now, it seems it doesn’t exist no more, and i will make a post about this subject, but, i begin this wonderful tutorial! :slight_smile:
For the modelisation of the face, as i want to animate it, if i see that it doesn"t work using the moidelisation of Rhino, i will try to learn again in Blender the best way to do this! :slight_smile: