MapCheck:Error: Error MyWorldSettings Maps need lighting rebuilt

Can’t get rid of that error in the level build. I’ve googled, but didn’t find much other than creating a new project and essentially starting over. That’s not really an acceptable solution. Setting ‘Force No PreComputed Lighting’ and building multiple times did nothing. I’m at a loss on how to fix this. I deleted all the foliage which apparently was one of the more common causes for the problem. That didn’t help either. Any ideas? (v 4.10)

Found the problem. But I don’t have a work around. The cause of the problem is some bad behavior from the Fence Generator Blueprint which is being sold in Market Place. I don’t know exactly what is happening, but the short version is that the fence generator is spawning malformed splines which is causing issues for the lighting build. The bad part is the bad splines don’t show up in the scene outliner info. The way I found them was to hack the editor code to get it to dump all the actors and scene components and flag any items which had uncached lighting.