Many foliage - building lightmap

my computer has 16GB RAM.

I painted about 5000 trees on my level and then run building light… Immediately RAM up to 15,9GB and my computer freezes :frowning: Lightmap resolution scale down and increase windows virtual memory didn’t help me. Level dimensions is only 512x512.

Only lightmap building is problem. When I run game without building lightmap I have 110 FPS because I’m using LOD and culling but building lightmap no using culling and tryng import all level to RAM…
How can I solve this? I can waiting longer for lightmap build ending but it shouldn’t freeze my computer…


I also had the problem with building light at Foliage level, my sloution was to use Dynamic light. There the light building is mutch faster ^^.
For getting Dynamic light, just change every light you have to “moveable”.

Hope this helps



Are you using a Lightmass Importance Volume in your scene when you’re building lighting?

Having that many trees in a single landscape and even having a lightmass importance volume for this area will cause issues. You will definitely see extended build times.

Another thing is that even if the meshes are culled from the view they are still going to bake the lighting into a lightmap. Using smaller levels and using our World Composition tool would be better for larger levels. This way each section is seen as a different level and you can build lighting much more easily with smaller levels like this.

Yes. I’m using Lightmass Importance Volume.
Probably the only solution is using World Composition. I divide my level to smaller levels and now it works good.

Great! Glad to hear you’ve got it working! :slight_smile: