Many attempts at what I would assume is an easy replication failure

Good afternoon all.

I don’t usually post on the forums unless A I can help or B, I need help.
The latter is true in this case.

Coming from unit 2 weeks ago I have been settling into the blueprint system, And so far have replicated most of my games logic from unity to Unreal. My problem is replication. I have tried various methods, variations, tutorials to get replication working on just one part of my game, Health (No problem), Ammo (No problem again). Getting a player to pick up a box, and throw it? Thats where I am having issues. So far I have had various results but none that are what is needed.

A) The server see’s itself and the client pick up the blocks, they can both throw them. The client however does not see this.
B) The client see’s himself pick up the block, the server does not.
C) No one can pick up anything (This is more script error than replication)

I have tried Multicasting, Run on server,run on client. But no combination seem’s to work as expected.

All I want to do is Character presses E -> Raycast performed and if hit on a physical object -> Actor is attached to a blockpos socket -> E again throws the object.

If anyone could help me with this it would be greatly appriciated. I have included the last iliteration of my blueprint attempt.

On a small note. This all works fine from the server with this blueprin, but the client is the above A Clause.

[What I am trying to replicate]

[My Blueprints]


Thank you for reading!

Does the block actor have “Replicates” and “Replicate Movement” checked?

Can the second client see the first picking the block? If not, use a multicast for picking the block.

Wow, Changing that one run on client to multicast worked… TY!!!