Manual movement of joints in a skellital mesh

If I edit any included skeletal mesh in unreal, I can move the joints and the mesh updates appropriately. But I’ve made my own from scratch in blender. I created animations for them as well. I imported everything. The animations work fine, but when I attempt to manipulate bones manually in the skeleton mode, nothing happens. Is there something I’m missing? I created a turret that doesn’t have any animations at all and I want to be able to make sure I can aim the guns up and down and not just rotate the whole turret. I also have a robot with a weapon that I would like to aim as well. I haven’t done AI yet, but that will be apart of the AI when I get there.

I figured it out. Turns out you need to set units to metric and a scene scale of 0.01 in Blender. There is a strange scaling issue by default. I could rotate bones, but they needed an insane amount of rotation to be visible.