Manual imported texture > mipmap?

i search all the web, some people said mipmap take 33 % of memory.

so i have 2 choice.

  1. to manually import and rename each texture.

  2. to import just 1 texture (4k) and auto mipmap it.

what should i choose for my customer ?

When you package a project, if a texture is set to use a lower MIP, then only that size will be packaged

i dont get it :frowning:

English isn’t my natives. is that mean dont have to import 2k, 1k, 512, 256, 128 texture size ?

or i just use mipmap ? (i heeard that mipmap use a lots of memory.

mipmaps are just the lower res textures created from the original. its done by the engine, you can turn it off and on at any time without having to reimport. they play another very important role in helping reduce texture shimmering when the model is in the distance and reducing the texture memory needed. no matter what size the base texture is, it will still mipmap.
including all levels as a separate texture will just increase the asset size for no reason.
if the customer decides they do not need a 4k texture. they can set the LOD bias in the texture to something higher than 0 and it will reduce the mip level to a smaller size texture, and when they package the project, only that level will be packaged.