Manipulation of a character's bones in Virtual Reality

Hi guys since I want to create an experiment in virtual reality, I would like to make sure to manipulate the bones of a character in order to create poses, can anyone help me? I state that I would like to do this with any video game character. Example

This system Is using IK controls But as for how to set this Up LIKE this ! I would also like to know.
Not sure if this is a custom setup or a control rig

That’s using Allrightrig, which is a separate plugin. I’m unfamiliar with how one would tackle that, but you can set all of this up natively using an Animation Blueprint and “grabbable” Actors that have a relationship with each bone. A simple chain of logic would be: GrabActor Location -> AnimationBP -> Modify Bone (node). Control Rig would also work similar, where the GrabActor Location would set the Effector transform in the Control Rig.

I thought I would have done this using scene components attached to the bones in the character and passing those locations to the anim BP and using IK to move them about. But If there is a way to use the inbuilt control RIG in runtime to grab the bones of a character I would like to know.:smiley:

Don’t forget Power IK is free now?

Could you give me a more detailed example?