Manipulating composed objects

Hi there,
I’m using Vive controllers to manipulate some objects in my scene (based on the VR example template).
Is there a way to use “composed” objects ? Like per example a jam pot with his lid : grabbing the pot with one hand, while picking up the lid with the other hand.
I’m working in blueprints and i’ve tried with child components, spawn actor and so on, but each time the manipulation works one time - if the left hand holds the pot, otherwise it doesn’t work at all.
My objective is to set a pot with his lid on that we can take off, put anywhere else, then grab it again an put it on the pot again.

Thanks a lot for your help, hope it can be done.

Ok, finally I got it.
First I took a pot mesh as an actor.
I added a child actor component referencing the lid, attached to the pot. The lid has a sphere collision detecting the pot : when dropped, if the pot is detected, the lid is attached to it using a set relative location node.
The hard part was to know which element has to be attached to which part.

I still have an issue with concave collision and physics (to put thinks in the pot) but I’m working on it.