Manage Vive controller display based on status

Hi there,
is there a way to setup a VR Pawn so that the Vive Motion Controller meshes are displayed (or not) depending on the status (on or off) of the controller ?
I only need 1 controller in my application.
Actually my VRPawn spawns 2 controllers (using a MotionController_BP) for each hand, and the VRPawn looks for the controllers each 1.5 second. If the controller doesn’t move more than 0.5 units each axe, it is designed as off and its mesh is hidden :

However during gameplay, the physic linear velocity of the mesh jitters a lot and goes easily inside the move limits I’ve defined and the controller disappears sometimes even when it is moving.

Without this setup, the tuned off controller is displayed into the ground, at 0,0,0 origin of the chaperone. µIs there another way to make this ?
Thanks a lot.