Mali GPU critically low FPS

Hello there!

Anybody knows, how to increase fps on Mali GPU based device?

I tested standard 2D sidescroller, and here are the results

P.S. As you can see is much older Adreno GPU processor works with UE4 much better.
P.P.S. I used not quite standard Sidescroller (added some transparent sprites;))

Do you have enabled Mobile HDR? If yes, try to disable it.

As gameDNA studio said, it may be due to Mobile HDR. The Mali drivers did not support floating point render targets until recently so we had to emulate it with a mosiac mode (checkerboard of two different exposure values which is resolved during post processing).

Hello Chris!
Thanks for your reply:)

Because I tested a standard example 2D SideScroller, Mobile HDR course disabled by default X)
Once again I draw your attention to the fact that the low FPS likely associated with transparency

Transparency can be bad for performance. How much screen area was covered?

Hello Chris!

Somewhere about 60-70% area of device screen
Do you mean that Nexus 4 (2012, Antutu 27.316) more powerful then Meizu M1 Note (2014, Antutu 39.833) or Meizu MX4 pro (2014, Antutu 46.553)? X))))))))))))))))))

I’ve never been friends with the Mali GPUs :frowning:

To figure out what the problem is, try turning off various parts of your code, and see how much frame rate improves with each.
For example, turn off blending and render everything opaque, to see if it’s a blending thing.
Turn off certain elements (characters, backgrounds, text, etc) to see if they have a particular effect.
Reduce textures to small (32x32) textures to see if large textures are a problem.
Keep going, until you have a feel for what the actual problem is.

Hello Jwatte!

I’ve long time ago found that the problem is transparency.
The question is how to solve this problem and why older and less powerful Nexus 4 works with UE4 better than more powerful devices based on Mali GPU??

You shouldn’t use transparency on mobile at all. It’s definitely better to use masked materials on mobile.

How many times I must to write about what the old Nexus 4 haven’t problems with transparency?
Do you really think that I haven’t learned this issue from all sides?

a blog post on the website you’ve been talking about this providing more details about this topic would be popular I think :smiley:

Some Mali/Exynos models crash when using masked materials. Perhaps dithered transparency is what should be used on mobile ?

Nexus 4 is old but really powerful device so I don’t know if it’s representative… Transparency is bad for mobile in general…

I didn’t know about that… Do you have some examples?

I think so :smiley:

Did you mean that 27.316>39.833? Really?
I don’t understand for what reason Epics don’t recognize the problem of optimizing UE4 for Mali GPU…