Making your game moddable.

I am also very interested in making sure people can make custom maps and have the ability to mod from day 1, when will there be an update on this?

This is obviously a hot topic, me included even though it is over my head, what about creating sticky’d thread over in the forum “Announcements and Releases”?

Hey all, sorry for the super long wait here.

We’re currently discussing next steps in regards to mods in UE4, process for shipping cooked vs. uncooked content, as well as making editor distribution a bit more straight forward. I’ll let you all know when we’ve got some motion here :cool:

Hello this tutorial don’t work for me when I try to package the main game without any coocked map selected the packaged game pak will contain all maps inside the plugins/x/content folder

If I select only one map inside game/content folder when I package the game and then I package the DLC with a map inside the plugin/x/content folder (<- dlc folder ) if I put the builded .pak of the dlc inside the paks folder of the game and if I try to open the map inside the dlc .pak the game don’t find it anyone can help me ?

Thanks Chance ! This is a really cool feature for UE4 to have.

Hi Chance, wanted to highlight this post I wrote on the matter: Modding & Data Driven Thoughts... how to best accomplish? - Modding - Unreal Engine Forums

I have a lot of experience supporting mods for games, just not with Unreal Engine yet :slight_smile: Maybe something I wrote will help with the design?

Hey Chance. We are still very much interested here. We’d really like a more polished workflow for modding. Any news about how we could add modding support without having to ship uncooked game and editor ?

I’ll bump this so it is not just left to Gwenn to keep this live. :slight_smile:

By the way I also asked for more information here and there.

Bump, looking forward to seeing future progress on this. =)

Also bumbing, since it’s a important - but yet nearly zero documented feature (regarding cooked content/projects) :slight_smile:

hope this gets some more work and docs!! maybe the ability for ppl that dont know c++ (aka me :stuck_out_tongue: ) to use this?

Bump. Me want mod stuff!

1 Year have passed and we still didn’t get simple answers :wink:
It seems “soon” in EPIC’s nomenclature means eternity :wink:

Yea Microsoft want the money. Main resomn why they got Minecraft. Notch screwed us.

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If you told people How Ark started. No one would play.
You have a contest to try to fix this game thgat whom ever left the company left u with zap.
I am a true follower of UDK to UE4. Ark is a closter ***. The time to get into this game amounts to equal time to be on pause constant to think of other things, SAD.
There are no guides period
This Guy

God only knows the time He wasted waiting?
My mod when done will have a world ongoing and wait time be like archage login into.
But this is a farse. I dnt have funds to make open worlds static in time to repeat constantly. Dara storage is like Gold.

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This new Beast ARK Is good But we wait so freaking long. Anyone working on this opening stage?
Cause it isnt an opening it is an ongoing one.

Hey, I’m pinging people on the status of this doc. Sorry about the delay, holidays and all that.

Just to follow up here. This is making progress, but still in the “soon” category.

To put it on the table we plan on making our game moddable as well so when we get there can we come to Epic for assistance and expect the same level of love as Epic has shown Ark? :wink:

Not asking for much except to share the love. :smiley: