Making Unreal-Chan


B.P. Ver 0.1.0 ready to be used.

B.P. Ver 0.1.0

Jazzy-Chan Ver 0.1.3 Ready to be used.

Jazzy-Chan Ver 0.1.3

Chibi Jazzy-chan Ver 0.1.0 Ready to be used.
Chibi Jazzy-chan Ver 0.1.0

Unreal-chan Ver. 0.1.2 is ready to be used for.

Notiable changes:

  • The folder name has changed from “Unreal-Chan” to “Jazzy-Chan”
  • She Now have an different Vest
  • She have her own Idle, Walking, and Running Animation


  • She have morph target.

When you have it downloaded, Unzip the file and place it somewhere where you can copy the file to your project.

Download: Jazzy-chan ver. 1.2

Past Updates

Unreal-Chan ver. 1

She does not have her own animations but she is retargetable.

If there is something you wish to see fixed or wanted something added don’t hesitate to ask.


So I’m actually in Making Unreal-Chan, an (Unoffical) Anime mascot(Moe Anthropomorphic) character for the unreal engine 4. I have this Idea ever since I was Inspired by Unity Anime Mascot, Unity-Chan.

What I’m going to do is make a Final Concept art for her, have her model, Rigged, and Game ready for the UE4. Hopefully I’ll have the concept done before the end of December.

The idea I thought about is Cute with attitude and (most Importantly) Unreal. I original thought of her as a Skate punk in high school as a cheerleader.

love the bacon shoutout lol

nice work man


This should be featured on Thursdays Livestream just saying :slight_smile:

Epic have a secret obsession with cats, From the Cat image when something goes down to the cats on the Unreal Developer’s shirts and badges. It’d be cool if you could show this with either a cat on the shirt or a cute cat companion!

Hey, this is really cool. I was hoping someone was going to start making a UE4-chan character. I was getting a bit jealous of the other cool unofficial mascots for other software.

Secret? Hah, not really. We love cats here. There is a discussion channel just for posting cat pictures (seriously, our devs in Seattle have an addiction). Another group here once bombed their chat with dog pictures; a civil war ensued.

Anyway, if a cat icon was included somewhere, we’d dig it.

lol…wondering what was the result. Who won? Dogs or Cats?

Must’ve been cats, Naturally :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, its not as cute as any random animee girl, but I think a Nali would be a good character.
You know, coming from the original game. With the 4 arms like all the stuff you can do with UE4.
And sometimes just a mixture of magic and walking around in circles :slight_smile:
And every now and then he shows you a cool secret :smiley:

Nothing New But I made a sprite of her. I’m actully trying to do the December Game jam and I’m trying to finish her as quickly as possible.

Also it my first time making sprites.


Well Unreal-Chan haven’t won the game jam, but that find getting her notice is what important to me.



This is the concept I’mm going with. I haven’t made a tattoo for her because I wasn’t sure what design of the tattoo should I go. I was going to add this on her arm

But it didn’t look right and I can’t think of any other Tattoo idea. So I left her with no tattoo as of right now until I draw up some idea for it. If ya’ll can help on a tattoo design or what ya’ll think of her over all design I’ll take it into concideration.

I like the style. Feels alive and full of energy.

I thought it would look cool to see her going through a set of behaviors based on nodes… something that makes her feel alive in a fun way. Could be about putting gear on or doing any real-world task… but driven by nooooodes.

Sorry…guess I have a thing for nodes.:rolleyes:

Wouldn’t her leg warmers be somthing like Nodes?

You’re right. Saw them initially… but not as nodes plus the wires. Nice. :slight_smile:

haha, very nice!

But it will be hard to beat the Japanese at that, hah

I think her jacket should be the same shade of blue that the Unreal logo is.

Screw it, just make the whole character a cat.

The perfect mascot is Big:


Haven’t say anything new years. I just wantted to post my progress of her real quick.

Edit: Added face and ear piercing.

Howdy! Quick update I’m texturing her.


I’m almost finished with her texture.

Also it feel good to know She Taller than Unity-Chan.

Hello all! I have her rigged using the UE4 HeroTPP Skeleton and I’m going to share the Ver.0.1 of her.

I’m planning to do more rigging stuff of here and give her own animation. The skeleton kinda make her freaky looking.

She doesn’t have her vest in this version, but I’mm planning to add it in next time.