Making The Batman in Unreal Engine

There’s this particular scene in the new Batman movie where he walks toward a certain someone (don’t wanna spoil it for you guys if you haven’t seen it yet) and it’s really iconic, one of those scenes that stood out to me. I thought I could re-make the entire thing in Unreal…and I did! Using whatever free assets I could, which meant that I couldn’t find an actual model of batman but instead some random alien soldier character that fit the mood.

Check out the final result here!

If you want a sort of breakdown of the entire project, you can check out my website where I go into some level of detail. I’m still going to write a Medium article on it, though, that’ll be more comprehensive. But this should do for the time being.


Hey @nashdex

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I love the premise of recreating scenes from the new Batman movie in Unreal Engine. The way you have him walking with the fire in the background is incredible! I look forward to seeing more!


hey @OddDanOut

Thank for the kind words! Means a lot.

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As @danspada said, welcome to the Unreal Engine Community!

Great work on the project and those insane fire effects. Do you have plans on creating a shortfilm for this and giving more story? :slight_smile:


Hey @PresumptivePanda. Thanks for the warm welcome!

Haha I’m not sure if I’ll continue on this, but I do certainly plan on making short films in Unreal. This was just a short little project to get my hands dirty with UE5.

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