Making textures in Krita (alpha channel)


I’m having a small issue with my foliage. I’m getting artifacts above the grass.


I’m guessing it has something to do with the Krita export or even working on the texture in a wrong way, because when I deactivate the alpha channel in the Unreal Engine, it has strange RGB values, seen on the next picture.


In Krita I’m working on 2k texture, Model: RGB; Depth: 8 Bits; Profile: sRGB-elle-V2 (Default) and when exporting as png: Compression 9; Interlacing: unchecked; Store alpha channel: checked; Embed sRGB profile: checked.
(The material of the foliage is a standard grass shader: Masked blend mode, two sided foliage shading, two sided checked, texture plugged into color and subsurface color, alpha channel of texture into opacity mask)
Does anyone know this problem can lend me hand?

I also had alpha channel problem with .png format (I dont use Krita though). So I switch to .tga format to retain the alpha channel.